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The revenue opportunity is about much more than just treating clients: you will also offer other services (such as diagnosis and screenings) on-site, at schools, on camps, daycares centers, and at the comfort of the clients’ home, sales of head lice treatment, prevention, home disinfestation products,

As well as a recurring revenue opportunity with the monthly membership plans. On a separate scale, we also offer the franchise type where you can combine it with hair styling services.

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday – 10 am to 7 pm
Saturdays – 10 am to 2 pm
Sundays – CLOSED



Address: 2101 Palm Ave Suite 105
Miramar, FL 33025
Phone: (954) 399-9513
Email: mr@haircleanerslrc.com

Our Team

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Juan Sobrino

Juan Sobrino

President - Founder

President – Founder

Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez

Vice President - Founder

Vice President – Founder

Yadira Henriquez

Yadira Henriquez

Franchise Owner

Franchise Owner

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