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Juan Sobrino is the company president who moved to the United States in 2012. Juan has twenty years of career as a professional dancer, choreographer and director. He also studied hair dressing and graduated from the prestigious Beauty school of Rafael & Juan Carlos in Alicante, Spain. What hasn’t Juan done for a living? Juan described that life is tough and sometimes we have to do what it takes to survive as long as we are not doing harm to others. When he came to Miami, he was alone, perhaps this time he didn’t have a job or money to pay for his bills. It occurred to him that he could own his own restaurant which he called Jaleo Ocho located in the popular street Calle Ocho and where he was the senior chef. That didn't work out well so he had to think of something else. Juan explains that his next turn was to work as a lice removal technician, what made him fall in love with this type of profession. One day he woke up and said, I would love to have my own lice removal company and that is how Hair Cleaners Lice Removal Clinics and Juan Sobrino were bonded.

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