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Lice are tiny, wingless insects that live on the scalp and feed on human blood. They are most common among school-aged children but can affect anyone with hair. There are three main types of lice: head lice, body lice, and pubic lice.

No, they don’t

No, but if the infestation is too large, it can lead to it

Human Blood (scalp)

They can hold their breath for up to 2 hours and live for up to 24 hours

The only way is by physical contact with another person, furniture, pools, hats, hair brushes, in general sharing personal items, etc.

No, Lice are also species-specific parasites; which means that they cannot move from one species to another. Thus, humans cannot get lice from their pets nor can pets get human specific lice from us.

No, if extremely short, but head lice do not have a preference based on race, sex, age or skin color.

No, you may get rid of the bugs, but the nits stayed on and will hatch with 7-10 days. Actually, you should be aware that some lice infestation can come from a hair salon.

Most probable; This is the worst part of the treatment and in most cases treatments done at home are incomplete because the person is not able to remove every nit, 7 to 10 days after those nits are going to hatch and become new lice. Nits, you will never get rid of because they are so tiny that the combs that come with the pharmacy products can’t catch them, leaving them on your head means that the infestation is still going on and as a result the client will continue itching and at risk of an infestation which may lead to a systemic disease that may cost you more than a professional lice treatment with us.

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