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When the lice problem shows up, the first reaction it is to use home treatments that in most cases are inefficient.

Chemical treatments for pediculosis are expensive and require a lot of time and patience that usually most parents do not have.

Many of these products are toxic, need an exact exposure time and do not guarantee the total elimination of lice and nits. These operations are usually performed in the bathroom, where light and space are limited. Children are uncomfortable, they move and complain turning this tedious operation impossible and painful.

Hair cleaners Lice Removal Clinics delivers its complete equipment, technology and qualified personnel and offers you its services in the convenience of your own home. We also offer the service of 100% dis-infestation of the houses.

Lice can be anywhere in the house, so it is critical that a meticulous cleaning and vacuuming is done in every corner in each room.To achieve the level of effectiveness that this type of job requires, we will be as detailed as when we treat a client because a louse can live out of a human head for 72 hours waiting to climb on a person’s head.

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No, they don’t

No, but if the infestation is too large, it can lead to it

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Our high technology equipment marks the difference in misdiagnosing and treating the infestation.
Juan Sobrino

Juan Sobrino

President - Founder

President – Founder

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Luis Sanchez

Vice President - Founder

Vice President – Founder

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