Lice free memberships


  • Tired of lice coming back because they are becoming more resistant to pharmacy products or because you child is in constant contact with another child whose lice is not treated properly? Do not worry, We have created this wonderful plan for you and your Family.

Who qualifies?

  • Any person that suspects they have or continues to have lice throughout the year.

Why do I want to become a member?

  • You cannot afford to pay full cost of a lice treatment
  • Your child continues to get lice often
  • You can come in for treatments more frequently for less cost

How do I become a member?

  • IT IS SIMPLE AND EASY. Come in for a product checkup and/or get treated with us the first time. Notice that the first treatment is paid in full. After, you can choose to become a member or not.
  • Members’ treatment after enrollment will be $55.00 per person
  • Membership cost is $8.99 monthly per person.

Please, Note that our company imposes a surcharge a 3% for the use on credit cards in our clinics. This amount will be added to the total cost for our services and will be use to help us pay for the cost of accepting credit cards payment.

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