Lice are back in the headlines, and it seems they’re making a comeback after a dip in cases during the pandemic. Here’s a lice news update for you:

  • Lice cases on the Rise: Experts are seeing a surge in head lice cases, particularly since children went back to school in fall 2023. This is likely due to increased close contact as social distancing measures have relaxed.
  • Back with a vengeance? Some lice treatment companies report a rise in lice resistant to over-the-counter medications. This highlights the importance of consulting a healthcare professional for treatment recommendations.
  • Early detection is key: Schools aren’t always required to send kids home with lice, so checking your child’s hair regularly is crucial. Focus on the back of the head and behind the ears, where lice eggs are often attached.

While lice can be a nuisance, staying informed and taking preventive measures can help you win the battle against these tiny travelers.

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